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Sofia Tours

Sofia Tours

Welcome to Sofia


What to do in Sofia

The capital of Bulgaria and a city rich in history, culture, and beauty. Here's a comprehensive guide on what to do and see during your visit to this fascinating city.


Explore the Historic Center: Start your visit to Sofia by exploring the historic center of the city. Take a stroll through the main square, Alexander Nevsky Square, where you can admire the magnificent Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, one of Bulgaria's most important symbols.


Discover History at the National History Museum: If you're passionate about history, the National History Museum is a must-visit. It houses a vast collection of archaeological artifacts, artworks, and historical items that will give you a better understanding of Bulgarian culture and tradition.


Admire St. George's Church: Located within the complex of the Presidential Palace, St. George's Church is an extraordinary example of medieval architecture. Visit this charming building and admire its well-preserved frescoes.


Explore Borisova Gradina Park: Take a break from the city's hustle and bustle and immerse yourself in nature at Borisova Gradina Park, one of Sofia's largest parks. It offers walking trails, ponds, picnic areas, and opportunities for sports activities.


Discover St. George Rotunda: This ancient building is one of Sofia's oldest monuments. Dating back to the 4th century, St. George Rotunda is a fascinating example of Roman architecture and is located near the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.


Visit Boyana Church: A UNESCO World Heritage site, Boyana Church is famous for its exceptional medieval frescoes. This hidden gem offers an unforgettable cultural and artistic experience.


Go to the National Art Museum: Art enthusiasts will appreciate the extensive collection of Bulgarian and foreign works at the National Art Museum. The gallery houses paintings, sculptures, and contemporary art.


Explore Sofia's Flea Market: If you enjoy unique shopping and finding hidden treasures, Sofia's flea market is the place to be. Here, you can find vintage items, souvenirs, and traditional Bulgarian keepsakes.


Experience Local Culture on Vitosha Boulevard: This lively pedestrian street is the heart of Sofia's urban life. Along Vitosha Boulevard, you'll find restaurants, cafes, shops, and street performances, all in a vibrant atmosphere.


Taste Bulgarian Cuisine: During your visit to Sofia, don't miss the opportunity to savor typical Bulgarian dishes. Try the famous Bulgarian yogurt, Shopska salad, kebapcheta, and many other local delicacies at traditional restaurants.

Visit some of Sofia's hidden bars

With these ideas, you're sure to have an unforgettable experience in Sofia.

 Enjoy the city, explore its rich history, and immerse yourself in the unique Bulgarian culture. Have a great trip!